Easiest way to handle outbound material returning after rework/repair

Our current process for NonConformances that have a return to supplier for rework disposition is pretty tedious. Wanted to know if there was an easier way.

Example. Ordered Qty 100, 5 were nonconforming and sent back for repair.

  1. Process VRA from original PO for return of 5 units. Reference NCMR on VRA

  2. Come back to NCMR and disposition with VRA #
  3. Issue new Purchase Order for qty 5 so we can do an item receipt when goods return. Reference the VRA, NCMR, previous PO#, and supplier RMA number on the PO.

  4. Have vendor issue a credit memo on the original PO, and issue a new invoice on the new PO for when parts return to company.

Even though the steps are only 4, it adds a lot of paperwork for Accounts Receivable and Purchasing. Is there an easier way?

Rookie Asked on September 3, 2020 in Purchasing.

Hi, steps 1 and 2 can be merged with the use of a workflow or user event. The NCMR is loaded (if it is a record, is it?) and the VRA is added. You can also change the process by transferring inventory via a transfer order instead to a dummy location named after the vendor, since you expect the items to come back and the credit is not actually happening. Once they transfer back, you may create another transfer order for it.

on September 10, 2020.
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