drop-down not updating on filed change -urgent help required

Page: Purchase order
Action Required:  Add a drop-down and update on filed change on line label

(1) Using userEvent script drop down is added on line label “before load” ( script 1.0 )

var fld_Project_task=obj_Sublist_Item.addField(‘custpage_project_task_list’, ‘select’, ‘Task List Based on Project’,”);
fld_Project_task.addSelectOption(‘0’, ‘<Tab The Project To Select The Task>’);
fld_Project_task.setMandatory(false);(2) Now , on line label whenever we change the project list (drop-down), then drop-down will be updated based on selected project  ( client script-2.1 )
//–Clear the old value in “TASK list” drop-down

let taskListObj=current_record.getSublistField({sublistId:sublistName,fieldId:’custpage_project_task_list’,line:line_number});
taskListObj.removeSelectOption({ value: null }); //clears all options
taskListObj.insertSelectOption({ value:”, text:”, isSelected:false});
//–Add the new dropdown liat
  value:result.getValue(“internalid”),//task internal id
  text:result.getValue(“id”)+”_”+result.getValue(“title”), //Task id_task name

(3)  Issues : The above code is working only when we  click the “OK” button then re-select the project and it will update the “Task List” drop-down.


kindly help me how i can achieve this process only on filed-change event , not after the clicking “OK or ADD” button on line label
Rookie Asked on October 10, 2023 in Purchasing.

You are updating the the dropdown selection on a sublist. “OK” or “ADD” is the current behavior that the sublist accepts and I don’t think there is other option.

on October 10, 2023.

Thanks for your comment,
let me know if this possible fieldChange. Also if required full code.

on October 11, 2023.
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