Deferred Revenue in the transaction table


any help on this would be much appriciated:

I have extraced data from Netsuite, both from the transaction table and Zone Advanced Billing tables using restlets. So far so good.

When I compare what I extract to what I find in the Billing and Revenue Summary-report (Reports -> Revenue -> Billing and Revenue Summary) , the extracted numbers  matches that of the field ‘Amount’. But I need it to match with ‘Total amount billed’, I seem to missing information about ‘Total amount deferred’.  I can’t find any information about this in the Transaction table.

I have tried to search for these two fields,vsoedeferral and deferrevrec, in hope that they might contain the information i need ( , but I can’t find them in the transactions table. Are there some permissions I am missing, since I can’t see these fields?

Is it possible to find the query behind the Billing and Revenue Summary-report somewhere?

Any other suggestions on how to solve this?




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