Data Cleansing – Removing Special Characters From Names and Addresses

I’m wondering if anyone has a best case solution for replacing certain fields (ie non-ASCII characters, for us the typical instance is accented characters that are common in certain shipping regions).

Right now we are passing our warehouse a file based on saved search that needs non-ASCII characters removed or replaced. I could write up a long series of replace()functions to do this but feel like there is a better way. Maybe even an API call that does data cleansing?

We utilize Shopify as our e-commerce platform – that would be another point where we could use data-cleansing before orders are imported into NS.

Rookie Asked on January 21, 2021 in Other.

Are you using Celigo for Shopify <> NetSuite integration? If so a script in IO would be a good solution and easy.

If not or you want to try doing it in NetSuite, you can see if you can use the SQL function


on January 22, 2021.
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