Customers with No Default Billing Address

I am trying to identify all customers where they do not have a Default Billing Address.

I cannot use the Address table via Saved Seaarch, so am starting with the Customer table, and linking to the Billing Address table.

This brings back all addresses whether they are the Default billing address or not.

I only need Customers which do not have a default bill address.

I presume I can use a Case/Count IF statement, grouping the customer ID, but I cannot get it working.


CASE {billingaddress.isdefaultbilling} = ‘T’ THEN 1 else 0 end


Anyone able to help me? Thanks!

Rookie Asked on November 11, 2019 in Saved Searches.
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If possible, I would be lazy and choose a criteria where the billing address field is empty. It filters out addresses which don’t have the billing address text box filled in, but most of the time thats customers with no billing address set. The more formally correct way is to use a summary filter, nobody likes those.

RE: Customers with No Default Billing Address

Advanced Answered on November 11, 2019.
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