Customer specific item pricing and sales order approvals



At present we mainly utilize 4 price levels on our items ( -5%, -10%, -15%, -20%) and any prices that fall outside of that are being manually entered during the sales order creation on the custom price list option.

We set these price levels on the customer record and if the price levels match whats on the customer record we auto approve the order.


Our problem is that we are now getting too many of these ‘custom’ priced orders and its greatly slowing our approval process down due to the staff members it has to go to for approval.

I’ve considered doing percentage based price levels per customers i.e. -23.465% etc. but that has not been approved.

I’ve looked at adding per item pricing on the customer level sadly that then requires use of the custom price level again.


My last resort is to create a custom list to hold the pricing per customer and then handle the pricing on a per line level via scripting, which really is a last resort.


Does anyone have any suggestions on a better practice for handling the above scenario that is also able to be flagged for auto approval at a workflow level?


Rookie Asked on April 3, 2020 in Best Practices.
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