Custom Workflows and Audit Reports – Transactions Performed by Admin

My company implemented Netsuite in July and our consultants created custom workflows for the AP cycle. I am working to provide reports to auditors to show that no transactions or approvals were performed by the administrator role. Currently the reports Transactions Audit Log and System Notes Audit Log (modified to add the field ‘role’) show that the Administrator is approving transactions. I reached out to Netsuite Support and they added this to the enhancement request and pointed me to SuiteAnswers ID 11487, which states that the Add Button action in workflows always shows approved by Administrator.

Has anyone encountered this issue? If so, what was your resolution?

Rookie Asked on November 4, 2019 in Administration.
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Kind of annoying to take the extra step, but why not just provide them a search/report of all current/past administrators? Then compare that to the current reports you have (which should show the user).  As long as the administrators are not on that list you can know they were not using their admin powers for evil, right? 🙂

Alternatively, the SA article you point to seems to refer only to the add button action.  Could you key your reports off another action in the workflow (like the actual approve step where the transaction is edited) in the system notes?


Intermediate Answered on November 5, 2019.
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