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I’ve created two different custom transactions, both of which are of the purchasing type. I have a dataset in SuiteAnalytics of the “Transition Numbering Audit Log” to query the last transaction number for each type so that I can generate a name for the transaction as is typically done in a standard NetSuite transaction. When I look at the dataset in SuiteAnalytics, it shows the transaction type as I have named it. However, when I do a query in SuiteQL or run the data set in SuiteScript or export it to a CSV, it shows the transaction type as “CuTrPrch”. That worked fine when I only had one custom transaction, but now that I have two, and the transaction type is “CuTrPrch” for both transactions. I know it’s stored differently somewhere because the dataset shows it has two different types of transactions based on the actual names I gave them, but I can’t see it in the query anywhere even when I query all the fields. I can also see the same thing if I create a saved search, but apparently this table is not searchable through search scripting in SuiteScript.

Does anyone have any inside as to how I might be able to query the latest transaction number and get around this issue?

Rookie Asked on January 23, 2024 in SuiteAnalytics.
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