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We have created a custom record type called “Product Requirements” that has fields for Requirement Code and Requirement Description.  We then added records  to the Product Requirements List for all of the quality requirements that items may have.

We now want to be able to associate one or more of the quality requirements with each of the items in our system.  For example, Item 1 might require a Rubber Certificate and 1 Year Shelf Life, and Item 2 may require a Rubber Certificate and Packaging requirements.

In other words, we want to be able to associate any Item  with one or more of the master list of Product Requirements.  I have tried to create a saved search, but I don’t see how we could add Item as a filter to the Product Requirements records so we could get it hooked up as a sublist.

How do we connect the two records?

Thank you!

Rookie Asked on October 13, 2022 in Items.
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Should work fine, just like any other sublist record. I just tested it in my demo account.   If you’re not familiar with adding a custom sublist check out “Creating Custom Child Record Sublists” SuiteAnswers ID 65793. Basically, the only trick here is that you’ll need an “Item” field on your Product Requirements record that needs to be of type “Multiple Select” and have “Item” selected as the List/Record and then you need to check that “Record is Parent” checkbox and follow the steps as usual and outlined in the aforementioned article.

Intermediate Answered on October 20, 2022.
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