Custom Journal approval workflow email sublist search

I have created a custom workflow which is for the purpose that someone has checked and verified the journal. I am not using default workflow as we do not want the journal posting to stop for the want of approval but this is just to verify that someone has reviewed it. We also need to show the auditors that the verification has happened. However, when I checked the communication tab on journal, there is no ‘Message’ sub-option to show the associated emails from workflow.

I tried creating a ‘Message’ search but only issue I am getting is about telling the system to only display messages related to the current open journal, it is presently showing all the emails that were triggered for all the journals during testing.  I am just checking if the email subject contains the word ‘Journal’ currently.

Can someone please advice?


Custom Journal approval workflow email sublist search

Beginner Asked on January 31, 2022 in Saved Searches.
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You can probably do a Formula (Numeric) on your search like below:

CASE WHEN {subject} LIKE ('%Test%') AND {subject} LIKE ('%Email%') THEN 1 ELSE 0 END

Then just tweak it based on the keywords that you’re using in the email.



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Beginner Answered on February 9, 2022.
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