CSV customer address import error with “Please enter value(s) for: Type”

Hi all,

I’ve been working on this for hours now and still can’t get a single address imported.

I want to import 2 addresses for 50 customer (shipping and billing) with csv. The customers already exists in netsuite and I’ve got the internal ID. Those customer do not have existing address linked to them. So I use the method in Suite answer 67932, had 2 files. the primary file have the list of internal ID for customer, the customer address file has all those address info.

I followed the guide, linked the 2 csv file with internal ID and mapped the address field. However, when I save and run the csv, I’ve got the error for “Please enter value(s) for: Type”.

I changed the primary file to contain just one customer and address file with just one address and try again, keep getting the same error “Please enter value(s) for: Type”.

I looked around in mapping and unable to find out any “type” field. I tried manually entry address and there was no “type” field required.

Did I do something wrong for adding customer address here?

Rookie Asked on November 23, 2020 in Administration.
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OK, I’ve managed to solve the problem.

I focus on the error message “type” missing value, guess maybe there is a custom field in our customer record call “type” and set to required but hidden from the interface. So i went to the customer info import page, edit, customize form page, ┬ácheck on the field tap. Then I saw there is a field call “type” and set to mandatory. That “type” field ID is “isperson”, is the field that show if the customer is indiviual or company. I turned off the mandatory and retry the method at suite answer 67932, it worked.

Rookie Answered on November 24, 2020.
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