Credit check on the Intercompany drop ship sales order

Hi NetSuite Experts,

Does anyone know how we can do a credit check on intercompany dropship sales orders?

Here is an example:

1- Subsidiary A: Creates a sales order for the external customer.
2- Subsidiary A: Creates an Intercompany Purchase Order (IC PO) from the sales order in point 1 for Subsidiary B.
3- Subsidiary B: Creates an Intercompany sales order from the IC PO in point 2 with the shipping address of the SO in point 1.
4- Subsidiary B: Fulfills (Ship) the IC SO in point 3.

Challenge: I need to do a credit check on the external customer in point 1 before the item fulfillment in point 4. In other words, I have to do a credit check in Subsidiary B on the Intercompany Sales Order (IC SO), but the external customer is in Subsidiary A.

Any idea?

Rookie Asked on June 3, 2024 in Order Management.
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