Crazy but…. Has anyone been able to change the background color of NetSuite via injection to the DOM?

Yes I know this sounds crazy but this is a business idea from the C levels. Depending on criteria they want to make it easier for Sales staff to identify what type of customer they are looking at by changing the background color of NetSuite?

Sounds almost illegal to me but I’m exhausting all my resources…. basically it requires to inject HTML, CSS and JS though the DOM which can be considered to some extent as a “hack”

Has anyone come across this type of request and will we break any contractual, legality with NetSuite?

Beginner Asked on February 27, 2020 in How To's.
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It is possible. It is EXTREMELY likely to break your NetSuite account.

The stakeholders should be guided towards attention-grabbing data practices that are supported by the system. An example would be an Inline HTML field that shows a bit of color depending on the situation – rather than trying to change the entire record’s color.

If you do not know what NS supports or not, I’d recommend hiring a consultant for a small engagement. I’m sure there are many little things that can be addressed.

Advanced Answered on February 27, 2020.
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I fully agree with you. Execs and Prod Owners can sometimes be hard headed into their expectations and requirements. I explained the same thing to them and pitched the idea of just making a field value stand out with some styling and this is what I’m pushing for.


RE: Crazy but.... Has anyone been able to change the background color of NetSuite via injection to the DOM?



Beginner Answered on February 27, 2020.

Right – that’s kosher.

I mean it comes down to them. You could inject color in the DOM, but they have to sign off on the risk that any fine morning  (probably a Friday) users may log in and not be able to use NS cause the UI is now broken. And NS support won’t assist with a problem like that since Best Practices explicitly state not to do this.

So it’s their choice, depends how much more productivity money they think can make from the sales force seeing colors vs cost of a NS outtage.

on February 27, 2020.
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