Consolidate Lot items with the same expiration date into a single lot?

Hello and thanks in advance for reading.

I use NetSuite to sell on Amazon, my new product requires to keep track of the expiration dates and Amazon requires to know as well, when we receive inventory we plan to use Lot Items to keep track of it but before Outbounding to amazon, we would like to consolidate the lots into 1 (we will only do it with items with the same expiration date) because amazon location is virtual and we don’t really need to keep track of lots at this point. Consolidating lots into 1 would make it posible to keep inventory up to date as once the items go to amazon we lose all visiblity and would have to randomly decrease inventory if we had multuple lots at that point.

Is there any way to accomplish this?

Rookie Asked on September 21, 2021 in Inventory.
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Yes, for existing lots you would need to process an inventory adjustment, adjusting out the lots with the same exp. date, and then back in the single consolidated lot.

If the actual inventory (batch/lot) number doesn’t matter to you at any stage, might I suggest you consider receipting these lots with an ‘expiration-based’ number? I.e. all lots expiring in January 2022 are receipted as lot number “Jan2022”, “202201” or similar.

If you do need to know the actual lot number right up until “outbounding to Amazon” you’ll need to go down the inventory adjustments route

Beginner Answered on September 21, 2021.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. In our case we don’t care about the lot number, we only care about tracking the expiration date. Naming lots based on the date could be helpful but the problem is that we could receive many lots with the same expiration date on different orders and more importantly how would naming the lots based on expiration date eliminate the need for inventory adjustments? Thanks in advance for your answer.

on September 21, 2021.

I may be misunderstanding your issue then..
Consolidating all lots with the same expiration date into one (by doing an inventory adjustment) is equivalent to just receipting them as the same lot number to begin with (any lot with the same expiration date).

If you had a standard way to name the lots (like “YYYY-MM” or something), no matter when you receipted the stock, it would combine with existing stock with the same lot/expiry.

Hope that makes sense, not sure how else to explain =/

on September 22, 2021.

That does make sense but if I have a lot with 50 units called “PRODUCT1-MARCH-2022” (where product 1 is my product and it expires on March 2022) and I get another order on a different date with another lot for the same product for 100 Units.


Are you suggesting just consolidate that new stock into the same lot by doing an inventory adjustment or that NetSuite will allow me to do it by just assigning this new lot to the previous lot that already exists?

If so how will I be able to track the inventory source?

Will NetSuite Show me 50 Units originally came from one PO and another originally came from another PO?

I hope the questions make sense and again thanks for your help.

on September 23, 2021.
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