Concurrency and Map/Reduce Job execution

Team – so I understand concurrency as it relates to integration, the number of concurrent requests you can send to a NetSuite account is equal to your concurrency limit. However, I wanted to ask if there is a “hard” set number of Map/Reduce jobs that can be executing at the exact same time?

Example: I have the base concurrency level : 5.

Does that mean I can have 5 map/reduce scripts executing if their concurrency is set to 1 on the deployments?

Similarly, if 1 deployment had a concurrency value of 3, I could have 1 deployment executing with 3 concurrency, and 2 deployments executing with concurrency set to 1?

I know back in the day, we could specify the exact queues you wanted a scheduled script to run on, but do not know what limits we now have with Map/Reduce scripts executing.

Beginner Asked on October 22, 2019 in SuiteScript.
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Your answer is correct, you can have 5 jobs running at the same time if you have a concurrency limit of 5.  If it helps, you can imagine that there is now a single queue  and 5 processors. Jobs are added to that single queue and the processors process the jobs in the queue. Keep in mind that it is a queue. If you submitted 10 deployments to the queue, 5 jobs will be processing and the remaining jobs would be pending. When the original jobs yield, the other jobs will be processed.


Advanced Answered on October 22, 2019.
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