Changing or re-issuing a Customer Invoice

Let’s say I need to correct an amount and a date on a Customer Invoice.

For example – My Sales Order and Revenue Arrangement are total $50K.

I issued a partial Invoice on 15-Feb-2022 for $10K. After that the customer asked to issue a different invoice instead: The new date should be 15-Mar-2022 and the amount – $15K

Our integrator told us to issue a Credit Memo, but the Credit Memo also triggers its own Revenue Arrangement. And it also doesn’t “free” the $10K to the original SO for invoicing, so I can only Issue new Invoices just on the remaining $40K and not $50K.

Is it possible that Credit Memo only will “storno” the Invoice without changing the RA?

I don’t want to change the existing Revenue Arrangement, just to cancel and re-issue the Invoice…

What is the best way to change / reissue a Customer Invoice?

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Providing the financial period is not closed you should be able to edit the invoice amount and date and resend. If the period is closed then you would need to reopen but due to being a financial record from a few months ago you might have some complications if any other related records, but should be ok.

Rookie Answered on July 11, 2022.
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