Card auth details to second cash sale

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So trying to keep this simple – we’re importing orders from an ecom system and we want netsuite to handle the payment capture. To do this, netsuite needs the PN ref num and the auth code only – we’ve tested this and it all works fine.

The problem comes from trying to issue virtual gift cards. I want these to be fulfilled and transformed into a cash sale as soon as they’re imported so the ecom platform can issue the gift certificate code. Fulfilments for physical items are created by our WMS and we have a workflow that runs to transform any “Pending Billing” sales orders into cash sales.

I’ve had a script built which creates a cash sale for the gift card lines only, which works fine – the cash sale is created and the payment for the gift card line is captured. However, once this has happened the cash sale for the remaining lines cant be saved, the workflow throws the error

If I try creating a cash sale manually from the SO, I can see the auth code is present but the PN number isnt. If I copy and paste the PN number, it saves and captures the correct payment. Both auth code and PN number are still present on the SO record.
Has anyone come across this? It seems that
First/Only CS created from a SO – PN Num and Auth code transfer
Second CS created from a SO – Only Auth code transfers
If not, any workaround? I looked at our workflow that transforms SO to CS but the PN num field cant be mapped in there….
Rookie Asked on February 1, 2022 in Order Management.
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