Cannot find where to set Alternate Sales Amounts (ASA)

I wanted to document this question, as metrics using ASA is very important for our business:

“Our business needs two different quotas for all sales reps, one using revenue, and another using gross profit. I dug into Suite Answers and found an article explaining that this could be possible using Alternate Sales Amounts (ASA). I have setup ASA and understand I have to modify something to get Gross Profit. How exactly do I do this? SA Article 9674 explains that this can be done with custom code. But what am I changing? How should the script be deployed? I have already looked through the dev articles for SuiteScript 1.0 and have not found anything related to ASA yet.”

Rookie Asked on January 13, 2020 in Other.
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There was an Alt. Sales field that was disabled on all of our custom transaction forms, it simply needed to be re-enabled using Customize -> Customize Form -> Sublist Fields -> Check ALT_SALES.

Also Suite Article 9674 was correct that you can edit the ASA using script. If you look in the Records Browser under Sales Order you will see an ‘altSalesTotal’ field. This is the field you can utilize to make changes to the ASA. Now you can write a script to automate the ASA or just fill it in manually. Once the Alt. Sales field is enabled, you will now be able to work with ASAs on the Quota, Forecast and Commissions modules as intended.

Rookie Answered on January 13, 2020.
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