Can you transfer inventory item to item while maintaining lot/transaction lineage?

Suppose a PO is created for an item ‘Label XY’, and is received and a bill is created.

At some point, someone realizes what was actually ordered and supplied is similar item ‘Label XYZ’.  Is there a mechanism to move inventory from one item to another without losing traceability of the original lot and PO and receipt?

Another case would be if you have inventory in an item for one set of customers, but want to move it to a customer-specific item, or item for a different customer segment.

Rookie Asked on June 15, 2021 in Inventory.
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if the Lot Number is “123456” and you decrement from Label XY and increment for Label XYZ, you would still see the “Transaction Serial/Lot Number”  = “123456” in a Transaction saved search for both items so long as you aren’t deleting the original receipt/bill.  This field in a search is a text based lookup, so even though the internal ID if the inventory number record has changed, the Lot Number remains the same.

Beginner Answered on January 27, 2022.
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