BOM multi unit packaging

Not sure the proper terminology but: bulk driven manufacturing to single unit SKU including multi-SKU pachaging costs)

To make product we mix a bulk tank of formula, let’s say 1000 litres.

The product is then bottled – and it can be to a combination of bottle sizes, say 100ml and 50ml.   – (Of course there’s lossage/imperfect filling so cant always say 1000 liters = 10,000 x 100ml but that’s later)  So we run say plan on half the tank into 100’s and half into 50’s – only at the end can accurately define the actual split of bulk input.

Each bottle of course Bottle + Cap + Label – simple BOM

Each 12 bottles goes into a 12 pack

Each 6 or 8 packs a carton

(but once again remember the order / stock SKU is bottles, not cartons.)

So above example half 100’s half 50’s (theoretical 50k x 100ml, 100k x 50ml.)
50k X 100 ml bottles -> requiring ~50k bottles+caps, 1-per-12 = 4166 dozen packs 1-per- 6 12 packs’s (or 1 per 72 bottles) = 695 cartons
(last carton has only 2 dozens + 8 loose pieces – theoretical)

100k x 50ml  bottles+caps, ~ 8333 dozen packs, ~ 1042 cartons

BOM/assembly/work result has to cater (require/account for)
dozen packs and cartons required / used
splitting the input bulk item (2 – 3 standard sized mix sizes) distribution
but remain in bottles/pieces SKU


Soo, the netsuite rep suggested

  1. multi level BOM for the dozens/cartons
    – his example shown fails on the requirement for stock SKU as pieces
  2. manually proportioning the bulk input based on final last-output (no way to measure in-tank mid-stream)

For mine these are both poor “solutions”
(and I’m hoping it’s only because the rep has typical limited real-use knowledge – as usual focusing only on the bling)


is there a actual (or realistic better) solution within netsuite?
(Surely other bottled goods producers have overcome this same challenge, and notwithstanding in my experience often perfume / pharma also often bulk-batch driven with multi-packing and require full visibility planning.)

(BTW: on the planning side: customer orders 700k x 50ml – requires 4 tanks/batches (theoretical 200k/batch = 800k) we keep the excess production – approx 100k – as ready-finished stock -. OIOW there’s no part-tanks as mixing is standardized formula AND blending time defined.)

production has to be bulk driven,
sales/inventory single unit SKU but fulfilled in multi-item packaging (-and that HAS to be within the same production run, no make singles-and-multi-pack-later)
planning needs full requirements (multi-pack’s required as part of materials reqs.),
(accounts also per-piece costed including outer packagings)


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