Bin Putaway via CSV Import

I have a little over 3,000 serialized items on a PO that were not put in a BIN upon receipt.  Using native NS BIN putaway will take far too long to do (you can only do ~50 at a time in express entry due to character limitations and after about 200 loaded it really slows down).

Has anyone successfully done this via CSV import?  I have tried several times but no luck.

Rookie Asked on December 21, 2022 in Inventory.
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You cannot upload bin putaway worksheets via CSV using the native NetSuite upload facility.


However, you can upload inventory transfers and inventory adjustments. I have used both methods successfully in the past..but they do require the ability to either turn off “Use Bins” for the relevant items, or the ability to modify all fields on the import options page.

Rookie Answered on December 21, 2022.

Well, that’s unfortunate.  They should remove it as a CSV upload option then.  Thanks for the help!

on December 21, 2022.
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