Best process/work flow for handling items that can be cut into different lengths

Our company is currently in the implementation phase. We have certain part numbers we purchase at a specific length and cut them down into different lengths.

How have others handled similar situations like this?

Example we purchase 20ft lengths of stainless steel tubing, and sell various cut lengths, depending on what sales enters for a cut length. These cut lengths could be infinite, we don’t have standard lengths we sell. The part number base unit is feet, so inventory shows total overall feet in stock.

Any insight or ideas are greatly appreciated.

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I’ve come across something similar where parts are bought and then cut to order.

It will probably require some degree of customisation in NetSuite to mange this efficiently.

The solution we came up with in that instance was to use Lot Numbered Inventory with the dimensions of the piece stored on that record.

When you cut a piece, you do an Inventory Adjustment to remove the full length and then enter in the individual pieces.

Intermediate Answered on August 3, 2021.
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