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We recently had a data corruption where an unrelated mass update disconnected links from all the vendor bills from their payments in case of prepayments. Fought a lot with Netsuite but they did not accept that it is a bug in their system. We eventually ended up doing a manual mapping of the affected records.

Shockingly, NetSuite will charge at least US$15000 and a minimum of a week to restore production to its pre-disaster state. This is leading us to explore other tools of disaster recovery for NetSuite in case of a similar issue.

I am also exploring the option of using SuiteAnalytics Connect but could not find much documentation to confirm if it can be used to restore prod fully in similar situations.

Please let me know if you are using something external to avoid similar disasters in your organisation/for your clients. I would be much interested.

Beginner Asked on March 17, 2022 in Administration.
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Posted the same thing to your post in NetSuite User Group on LinkedIn, but adding here for other’s reference.  It sounds like you’re talking about the issue where $0 payments don’t actually save a record (NetSuite just marks both the credit and bill as paid/applied) but then since there’s no actual record, if you come in and edit the bill later, it unapplies the credit, and you have to do the application all over again. While I agree that this is a giant PITA (struggled with this myself at a couple of companies), this is known/standard functionality (it’s been this way for 10+ years, warns you in the UI before it happens). IMHO I think you’re taking the hard road looking at restore options and would recommend just creating a workflow to lock these records at the appropriate time, so you don’t automatically unapply them  accidentally through mass update, script, or other means.

Intermediate Answered on March 17, 2022.
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