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I would like to automate the creation of custom forms in NetSuite. As NS implementator, we often create the sames custom forms and we would like to avoid creating them manually every time.

Is this possible with a “sort of” batch process or something like that ?





PS : I am a pure rookie on netsuite, just started a few days ago 🙂

Rookie Asked on November 22, 2019 in SuiteTalk.

Would a “SuiteApp” / “Bundle” be the solution ?

on November 22, 2019.
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If I understand your question correctly, you should look into SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF)

SDF allows you to convert NetSuite customization objects into XML files and export/import them between different accounts.

So if you needed to make a lot of different, but similar, forms and track all the changes this would be the easiest way to accomplish this most likely.

Intermediate Answered on November 22, 2019.

Hey, it looks like you have given me the best possible answer 🙂

Thanks a lot !

on November 22, 2019.
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