Bank feed account mapping

I’m trying to configure the bank feed aplication for automatic import of my bank records. But I’m having a hard time with the mapping process for the accounts.

I’m using a .OFX bank record because my bank in Brazil doesn’t have the  BAI2 or CAMT, recommended in the banking documentation.

BAI2 (Bank Administrative Institute Version 2) TXT wutg UTF-8 endcoding

CAMT.053.001.06 XML with UTF-8 encoding

QFX (Quicken Financial Exchange)

But when I use the Account id like the banking manual shows I can’t relate it to the accounts in my account list in Netsuite.


Bank feed account mapping


Does anyone  have a documentation on this other than the banking manual? Or any tips.

Rookie Asked on December 16, 2020 in Banking.
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