Automated Order Cuts/Commitments

I’m trying to figure out a way to automatically handle order commitments and auto-‘cut’ orders passed to our warehouse where we dont have inventory.

A couple general things:

  • We don’t process or accept backorders
  • We are integrated with a 3PL WMS and need to send orders to the WMS reflecting orders quantities that won’t overcommit inventory on hand
  • We have a couple different types of orders/logic that needs to be applied:
    • D2C orders
      • immediately committed/firmed and sent to warehouse for fulfillment
    • B2B ‘immediate’ replen orders
      • orders with a ship date within the next 2 weeks
      • need to immediately assess inventory available to produce ‘cuts’ – ie remove OOS from the sales orders and firm commitments
      • once this process is complete the orders are sent to warehouse and cannot change
    • B2B future dated launch orders
      • these orders when they arrive will have second highest priority – any product that is currently on hand or inbound/received before the ship date should be committed against these orders
      • This will be ‘firmed’ 5 days (call this the ‘firm by date’ before the ship date and sent to the warehouse, cannot be changed after this time

I have been doing a lot of research on supply allocation and commitments but am struggling to find ways of achieving the above with innate Netsuite capabilities.  I know that I can assign order commitment based on customer priority/order priority and expected ship date. And that I can reallocate non-firmed orders. Not sure if I can trigger this programatically?

Right now I’m thinking I could achieve this by a series of suitescripts based on the sales order types and their expected ship dates.

  • With on-entry suitescript, determine:
    • Firm by date – date that the item commitments on the order needs to be firmed
      • D2C and B2B Replens – firm by is same date
      • B2B launch orders – firm by date is 5 days in advance of ship date
    • Batch script runs
      • for any orders where the firm by date is reached inventory available is assessed – if inventory is not available line quantity is removed from sales order
      • the ‘firming’ of order quantities trigger the order to be sent to the warehouse
Rookie Asked on December 29, 2020 in Order Management.
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You can trigger this on a schedule, and you can probably use a Saved Search for most (if not all) of your criteria. Basically, if you can put the logic in a saved search to only include what should be committed, then the solution will work for you. Formulas can be used to create complex scenarios. See Suite Answer 62948 to get started.

*Note: I have found that performance of this functionality can be a risk if there are a large volume of re-allocations of open quantities that need to occur.

Rookie Answered on December 29, 2020.

Thanks for the info! I think this will work for us somewhat – the only additional question is what do you advise as the default commitment settings? Would it be to by default commit nothing and uncheck the ‘Perform Item Commitment after Transaction Entry’ box? Then I would just let my commitment schedules run? My concern with that is what you are talking about in terms of volume (ie individual D2C orders) that I always want to commit complete automatically.

on January 4, 2021.
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