Assemble Build: Item Staging Tolerances

Assemble Build:  Item Staging Tolerances

Assemble Build:  Item Staging Tolerances

When attempting to stage items for an assembly build our instance of NetSuite seems draconian in terms of how much we can move to that location to support the work order.   Hard to move slightly smaller or slightly larger amounts of material needed for the work order.   THe reality is the handling units don’t break down necessarily to match the BOM decimal point precision.

There’s got to be a better way.  Most of the searches for “tolerance” come back about purchase orders, not assembly build staging.

How should we be configuring NetSuite to make staging items for assembly easier and better?


To be clear we use NetSuite WMS

Rookie Asked on June 13, 2022 in Manufacturing.
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As far as I know there is no easy solution, as this SuiteBundle is locked. The scripts for this bundle cannot be downloaded or modified, so replacing any functionality will be very hard. In theory, you could

  1. clone the WMS process (SuiteAnswer 87325)
  2. find the script that throws this error (it’s wms_rl_wo_enterQuantity.js by the way)
  3. reverse engineer the locked script and increase qty tolerance
  4. modify the WMS action to call your new script
  5. replace it in your cloned process
  6. replace the original process with the modified clone

In practice this will be close to impossible because of step 3, which would require you to recreate the locked script using only the input and output data.

Another option would be to add a new script that activates before NetSuite’s validation and handles the excess quantity before it causes an error. For example,

  1. clone the WMS process
  2. find the page and textbox element (enterQuantity_enterQuantityTextBox)
  3. add an On Validate action to the textbox with a script that records the excess quantity in a custom record and then sets the quantity to exactly the remaining quantity
  4. add an action at the end of the process that searches for the custom record and performs a bin transfer with the excess quantity
Rookie Answered on June 14, 2022.
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