Any interest in community driven open source WMS/Integration?

Hello community,

I have been working as a corporate developer for over 10 years in Netsuite, and several other platforms. I do not exclusively do Netsuite development.

Through my time, I have been exposed to many different verticals and businesses. I have used this experience over the years to create tools for clients to do various purposes.

I am now at a crossroads, where I want to branch off and do something completely different. I am going to create a series of products that will be available to the community. I am a strong supporter of open source products.

I am tired of small companies popping up selling limited products with a hefty perpetual license. Working together achieves greater things than in silos.

I want to open the floor to the community to suggest anything and everything.

Here are a couple of products in mind. These are products that have been created in the past, so the question is how, not if.

  1. Open source Warehouse Management (WMS) application. This is a web application that exists outside of Netsuite.  Mobile and desktop driven flows. Wave picking, simultaneous po reception, bin transfer and more, all out of box.
  2. An open source multiple platform integration tool that exists outside of Netsuite. This tool will typically be used to integrate orders and inventory from ecommerce systems, but is not limited to that functionality set.

If there is any interest in continuing this conversation, I can elaborate on details.

Rookie Asked on January 9, 2022 in Random.

That’s an excellent idea, count me in

on January 13, 2022.

This is great and would love to collaborate further. I’ve designed and implemented many of the above (sans open source of course).

on January 26, 2022.
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