AMEX P Card Integration With NetSuite for Expense Reporting | Case Study

AMEX (American Exchange) is a prominent financial service provider to numerous corporates. AMEX offers – purchase cards – to organizations in the name of the organization or employees to meet regular expenses.

One of the clients (a Non-profit Organization) opted for multiple AMEX Purchase cards. The finance team needed to record and manage these transactions in NetSuite for the card.

STREAMS proposed to automate all these processes involved from expense tracking in the AMEX portal to entry creation, reconciliation, and reporting in NetSuite by the AMEX P Card to NetSuite Integration.

With the AMEX Purchase Card Integration with NetSuite, you can automatically import, and track expenses charged by employees to their corporate American Express (AMEX) cards. It can be set up to important transactions on daily basis in NetSuite that can be mapped in pre-defined expense categories.

See detailed report: AMEX P Card NetSuite Integration

Rookie Asked on August 17, 2022 in Accounting.
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