Alert on item fulfillment when not all items are fulfilled

Just wondering if there some way can have an alert when saving an item fulfillment if not all the items on the sales order are committed/being fulfilled? Glad of any suggestions how to achieve this.

Beginner Asked on July 11, 2023 in Order Management.
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Product:  NetSuite 2020.1


Create a Saved Search for the list of Closed Sales Order with Unfulfilled Items.


1. Navigate to Reports > Save Search > All Saved Searches > New > select Transaction 

2. Name the Saved Search

3. On the Criteria tab, add the following filters:

  • Type is Sales Order
  • Status is Sales Order: Closed
  • Main Line is False
  • Quantity is greater than 0
  • Formula (Numeric) is 1; CASE WHEN {‌quantity} – {‌quantityshiprecv} <> 0 THEN 1 END

4. On the Results tab, add fields that you want to include in the saved search results5. Click Save & Run

Rookie Answered on July 13, 2023.
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