[Advanced PDF] Working with Multiselect

Attempting to access the individual records in a multiselect, from within an Advanced PDF Template, but I can’t get to work.

I can print out the list of record names using ${record.fieldname}, but as soon as I try and list out the individual records (to get the extended details), it cannot be treated as either a hash or a sequence. I get the following error message, when I do:

For "?keys" left-hand operand: Expected an extended hash, but this has evaluated to a hash+string (wrapper: com.netledger.templates.model.StringModel):

EDIT: Additionally, the output cannot be split using ?split(“\\u0005”) or ?split(“\\x5”)

Anyone have any thoughts?

EDIT #2: Results of type checking

is_string: Yes
is_hash: Yes
is_hash_ex: No
is_sequence: No
is_collection: No
is_collection_ex: No
is_enumerable: No
Beginner Asked on October 15, 2019 in SuiteScript.
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