We want to add a subsidiary to our existing Netsuite setup and at the same time change hierarchy of the subsidiaries (i.e. changing the parent and child).

Currently, the NS license has been purchased for the SG entity (Country – Singapore; Currency – USD) and we want to add our HK entity (Country – Hong Kong; Currency – USD).

But, when we add the HK entity then that should be converted as a Parent and the SG one as the child.

Is it possible to do this on my own (considering I have one world account and a sandbox account) or should I connect with a Netsuite alliance partner company or a consultant/ Freelancer?

Need an expert’s guide on this.

NOTE: I am more interested in doing this all by myself.

Rookie Asked on August 26, 2021 in Best Practices.
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Yes, you have to contact support in order to change the parent and child hierarchy. they will give you the setting option to change parent and child.

Note: You cannot set a new parent directly on a new record. If you want to create a new record as a new parent, you must first save the record. Then, in edit mode, position the new parent within the hierarchy. You cannot make an elimination subsidiary the parent-subsidiary.

Beginner Answered on August 26, 2021.
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