Accounting Journal Entries SQL

I am looking for useful SQL select statements that query the accounting journal entries.
I have a lot of experience with Priority data base but not don’t have yet with NetSuite.
I use Connect / ODBC. I can see the tables in the Connect Browser (Accounts, Transactions, Transaction_Lines, etc.) but usually there are important filters/joins…
For example – how to filter out temporary Journal Entries, etc….
Any help will be much appreciated!
Rookie Asked on November 27, 2020 in SuiteAnalytics Connect.
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Ok, a little update:

I’ve connected Transactions, Transaction_Lines, Accounts, Accounting_Periods, Accounting_Books, Subsidaries, Departments, Companies…

Now I am looking on how to “bring” a customer account to the revenue line.

So, if the JE is:

  1. DEBIT Customer Account 123

  2. CREDIT VAT Account 999

  3. CREDIT Revenue Account 444

I want to be able to bring to the line 3 customer account 123 from the first line.

I wonder if there is already the Customer Account characteristic ON LINE 3 (Revenues) somewhere …? Maybe another table?

I know SAP has it (KUNNR in BSEG), Priority has it… What about NS?

Rookie Answered on November 27, 2020.
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