Ability to add ‘Accept’ / ‘Decline’ buttons in proposals to clients?

Our company emails proposals to our clients via NetSuites, although we want to include ‘Accept’ and ‘Decline’ buttons in the proposal emails.    We would like the client the ability to accept or decline a proposal directly through the email they received.    Two things we’d like to try….

First,  in the proposal, it displays an ‘Accept’ and ‘Decline’ buttons to accept an overall proposal.

OR the route we’d like to take….

We’d like to give the client the ability to choose what services they want by checking them off and then approving the overall proposal via an ‘Accept’ / ‘Decline’ button.   We would then receive a confirmation email showing us the services they approved or declined.    If approved, switching status to ‘Approved’ … same for declined.

How do we approach this in NetSuites?   Is this possible?

Rookie Asked on February 1, 2022 in Other.
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Question – are you tying the proposal up with a standard Estimate record?

You can choose to grant them access to the Customer Center but this will require them to remember and enter credentials for them to do so…

Or you can choose to develop a custom page from scratch, though this will require a huge amount of work depending on how complex and detailed the interfaces you’d like it to be.

Up to you.


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Beginner Answered on February 9, 2022.
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We would like to create a proposal that will be emailed to a client via NetSuite.    When the client opens the email on their end, along with the proposal and text explaining the proposal…  we’d also like to embed two links or buttons.   One would display a ‘Accept’ link or button.   The other would be ‘Decline’ button or link embedded in the email.   

If they agree with the proposal they can click ‘Accept’ and it will notify us via email that the client has accepted our proposal and changes the status in NetSuite to ‘Accepted’.     If they don’t agree with the proposal, they can click on ‘Decline’ link or button and it will also notify us that they’ve declined the proposal and will change the status of the proposal to ‘Declined’.

As of right now the way we use NetSuite.   We can send a proposal to a client but they have to physically reply and type they approve or decline.     Problem is, most clients may forget or don’t read far enough.     Having a ‘Green’ accept button and ‘Red’ decline button visually pops out and they are more inclined to interact.   Right now, we are forced to call them every time we send a proposal to get a verbal from them.   When you have multiple proposals out at a time, it can be time consuming to keep track of them.   Right now, if they  ‘Approve’ or ‘Decline’  we have to mark it on our side for them.

Before using NetSuite we had a in-house developed software that include an ‘Accept’ and ‘Decline’ button and we were instantly notified via email with a ‘Acceptance’ email or ‘Declined’ email.   It would also turn the proposal input in our system to ‘Green’ so we physically could see what was accepted.  If the proposal was still ‘Waiting Approval’ it was yellow.   If they ‘Declined’ the proposal, it would turn the proposal ‘Red’.

Now that we’re using NetSuite, we’d like to create the same system for our proposals sent to clients.

Is this possible with NetSuite?     If not it’s not possible in NetSuite…  are there any third party add-in’s that have the ability to integrate into NetSuite to allow this?

Rookie Answered on March 27, 2022.
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