A/R Aging Summary Report Shows Unassigned and No Customer/Project


May I know why the A/R Aging reports shows unassigned under the Account:Name(GL-Style) column in the report and how can we removed/fixed this? Also, what can you advise to removed the No Customer/Project? I found this in SuiteAnswers but it will edit the Journal Entry and enter manually the Dummy Customer. Is there any work around for this since there’s a lot of journal entry and journal lines to be edited? Thanks


A/R Aging Summary Report Shows Unassigned and No Customer/Project

Rookie Asked on July 5, 2021 in Reports.
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Hi @Unikaiha_,

This issue is being caused by journal entry transactions hitting your AR or AP subledger that don’t have a customer assigned. Instead of manually editing each journal entry, you can create a saved search with the Internal ID and Line ID on the search, filter to include only the transactions with no Customer assigned, and replace it with the dummy customer you created. Finally, load the updated search via CSV. Make sure to select ‘Update’ instead of ‘Add’.

You’ll want to make sure the balance nets to zero before you make the update. My guess is this was done incorrectly when you implemented NetSuite.

I have a blog post that discusses how you can do a mass update with saved search here: https://blog.intheblksoftware.com/blog/update-segments-on-multiple-transactions-via-csv-import-in-netsuite

I hope this helps!


Rookie Answered on July 9, 2021.
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