2020.1 Release Note: Password Policy Changes for Commerce Websites

Hi All,

2020.1 Release Note says, “Password Policy Changes for Commerce Websites and those are

Changes to the password policy include:
■ The minimum password length has changed from six characters to eight characters.
■ Easy to guess or potentially compromised passwords are now prohibited.

So, I have Netsuite Instance where I am using SSO SAML 2.0 to get access to our estore, and all of our customer had default netsuite password which is ABC123 that’s it.


When 2020.1 will come, will there be any impact? as they changed the password policies.


Let me know. Thanks


More on Password policy:

As of 2020.1, a stronger password policy is now enforced for Commerce websites. The stronger policy
applies to any newly created or changed password for users who register on Commerce websites and to
users logging in with the Customer Center role. The stronger policy is not enforced for existing users with
passwords that do not match the new criteria, unless the existing users change their passwords.



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