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  • Rookie Asked on December 8, 2021 in SuiteScript.

    you can use custom price to add different price than the base price in netsuite.

    it depends on promotion type such as line item or couponing entire thing. if it is just for historical record you could apply discount for total amount of and set to certain GL account. The thing to be leary of is sale stax calculations and making sure both are handling promotion taxing the same depending on your taxing software


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  • Rookie Asked on December 8, 2021 in Projects.

    I do something similar in script in user event script

    When my workItemrecord is saved I compare previous and post values of status and then go find related tasks to move to an open or ready status. then you can drop an email if you want.

    code snipets below. Not sure if you could also perform in a WorkFlow.



    var prevWorkItem = scriptContext.oldRecord;
    var newWorkItem = scriptContext.newRecord;
    notify user or open new task
    function didStatusChangeToComplete(newWorkItem, prevWorkItem) {
        var status = newWorkItem.getValue({"fieldId" : "<mycustomField>"});
        var prevStatus = '';
        try {
            prevStatus = prevWorkItem.getValue({"fieldId": "<mycustomField>"});
        log.debug("status",status );
        log.debug("prevStatus",prevStatus );
        /* !! Caution !!
         * Empty fields from the Old record come back as `null`
         * Empty fields from the New record come back as an empty String
         * This means  you cannot simply compare the old and new
        var changed = ((prevStatus || status) && (status !== prevStatus));
        log.debug("changed",changed );
        return (changed && status == 5);
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  • Rookie Asked on December 6, 2021 in Reports.

    I am not sure how to accomplish with saved search or canned reports.

    Always you could dump a saved search to excel for a one time report and use pivot tables.

    I would look into analytics and the pivot table function. I would start at a sales order data set with customer and line items in the data set.

    Then make a picot table with customer as the rows. You can have one for revenue and one for item quantity for easier sorting.




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  • Rookie Asked on December 5, 2021 in SuiteScript.

    I have been trying to get table and form definitions in detail several ways without major success. I have got minor properties.

    Tim’s Sql tool gets custom column definitions in your account and may be a starting point.

    Please update this is you find a solution.


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  • Rookie Asked on December 5, 2021 in Partners.

    In my understanding….

    Are you referring to advanced partner center – partners? These are basically external sales people who can see data and help you sell.

    I don’t believe NS has a mechanism to pay them out of the box. Maybe there are some commission calculations you can turn on but I have not seen with our modules.

    We have partners who sell and they are given advanced partner center access. Likewise they also have a vendor record so we can pay them. You can add a custom field to a vendor to point to the APC user to link for payments.





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  • One way I know of is : you can use the eclipse or webstorm ide to deply XMLs of custom objects. I prefer Webstorm.

    If you go down that path they will be put into the objects folder in wedbstom and deployed. or you could do it by hand in a pinch which is not ideal. with scripting you can also carry the data


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  • Rookie Asked on December 5, 2021 in Other.

    just a thought.

    maybe post the freemarker sample code and the relevant record part with &xml=t

    so others can see whats going on.

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  • Rookie Asked on December 5, 2021 in Saved Searches.

    I am a rookie but since no one is helping I will try and I have not used projects yet in NetSuite.

    For saved searches it seams you should start at the parent or the one who has one arms length to all data.

    I would start at the project level in saved serach and join to the transactions with types SO and INV. Group by trans type and show sum of trans amount.

    I would feel much more comfortable using a SuiteQL search through N/query but maybe because I don’t have enough Saved Search experience yet.



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  • Rookie Asked on December 5, 2021 in Reports.

    Are you open to SuiteQL using suitescript or just saved searches?

    Largest 5 by revenue and quantity may be two separate queries. You could then throw the N/Query results to a advanced pdf or html.

    Top by revenue for revenue may be a SQL group with sum of amount of invoices thenĀ  sub query on items for them.


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