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  • Beginner Asked on May 19, 2022 in Administration.

    There is a setting in Company-> Email Preferences

    under Transactions subtab

    Send To All Administrators


    Is that checked?

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  • Beginner Asked on May 12, 2022 in SuiteFlow.

    I’m pretty sure it should do this without a workflow.

    But if it is not, can you create a task workflow that runs on create, before record load, only on create.

    Then a set field value action that runs on before record load, on create.

    Choose the contact field to update, update it from the company -> contact field.

    I think that should work.

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  • Beginner Asked on May 12, 2022 in SuiteScript.

    Is Surcharge A always associated with ProductA? If so, why not use an Item group. You can create a new Item type Item Group, add Product A and SurchargeA to the group, then direct your staff to use the item group. They will be added individually when you choose the group?


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  • Beginner Asked on May 12, 2022 in Manufacturing.

    Have you looked at this SuiteAnswer? This might show you the available components so you can figure out what is holding you up.

    Maximum Buildable Quantity for Assembly based on direct component quantity levels

    Published 09/02/2014 06:29 PM   |    Updated 05/10/2022 06:17 AM   |    Answer Id: 39671


    Create a Item Saved Search to show the maximum buildable quantity for assembly items based on the current on hand quantities of its components.


    1. Go to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Item

    2. Under the Criteria tab > Standard subtab, enter the following:

    Type is Assembly/Bill of Materials

    Member Item Fields… > Inventory Location > {select the location of the component quantity}

    3. Under Results tab > Columns subtab, enter the following:

    Name > Summary Type: Group

    Member Item

    Member Quantity

    Member Item Fields… > Location On Hand

    Formula (Numeric) > Summary Type: Minimum > Formula: nvl(({memberitem.locationquantityonhand}/{memberquantity}),0) | Set the Summary Label for the Formula (Numeric) Field as “Maximum Buildable Quantity”

    4. Click Save & Run.

    The list will show you the Maximum Buildable quantity of the Assembly based on the quantity of the components in the Location indicated in the Criteria Tab.

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  • Beginner Asked on May 25, 2021 in SuiteFlow.

    You would use a Vendor workflow.

    I think you might need a new field on the Vendor record to log approval status. I recommend a List/Record field rather than a checkbox for this as you can add more than 2 values and make the field mandatory.

    Then in your workflow you could set approval status to pending on create and lock the record from editing for any user besides the approver. Once approved you could probably lock the bank details.

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  • Beginner Asked on May 25, 2021 in Purchasing.

    You can create a new Transaction Line Field.

    Customization -> List, Record, Field, Transaction Line Field

    Create a field called Decimal Number field called Remaining. Apply to Purchase Item. Uncheck Store Value, and under Validation & Defaulting add this formula to the Default Value {quantity}-{quantityreceived}

    Please let me know if that does not make sense. This method will make remaining available on the PO form. You may need a slightly different method if you want to review remaining on a saved search for export.

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  • Beginner Asked on May 24, 2021 in SuiteCloud.

    You can set the text field from the list by using a workflow. Set Field Value action. set the text field using the current record list field.
    You could also set the field to not store value and add the list field in the formula section. I’m not sure that value would be available for the integration though.

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  • Beginner Asked on April 21, 2021 in Items.

    You can add Item information from the transaction line columns by starting with a Transaction search. filter by type = Sales Order, then add the Item field to the reults columns.

    You can add item information from the item record that is not contained in the transaction line columns by adding Item Fields… to a results column. Then select all of the fields you want to add.

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  • You could consider using an Item Group or a Kit/Package instead of an Assembly Item. Item Groups allow you to add individual items to a single grouped item and the grouped item gets it’s price from the total price of all items. This also lists all of the items in the group on the invoice. A Kit/Package lets you group items under a single listing as well, but lets you set the price of the Kit/Package. Only the Kit/Package Item is listed on the invoice.

    Neither Item Type needs to be assembled. The availability will be derived from the total components available. No work orders necessary.

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  • Beginner Asked on October 30, 2020 in Accounting.

    You mean Customer Records? If you used Duplicate Merge you cannot undo this action.

    Answer Id: 70194

    RE: Merging accounts

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