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  • Beginner Asked on October 30, 2020 in Accounting.

    I’m sorry, I read that wrong. I thought you wanted to log the dates that different items actually shipped. I think this would be possible by adding a custom column field on the sales order to add a new line field. You could then enter dates per line item of when you want to ship, but you would have to develop a custom script or workflow to generate fulfillment records on the date you want to ship.

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  • Beginner Asked on October 30, 2020 in Administration.

    From SuiteAnswers. It sounds like if you close out any pending transactions you can change the sub.

    Unable to Change Employee Subsidiary

    Published 08/21/2020 02:27 PM   |    Updated 08/21/2020 02:27 PM   |    Answer Id: 94702

    Applies To

    Product:  2020.1


    User tried to update an Employee record to allow it access for Leads & Customers from a different Subsidiary. User then navigated to Lists > Employees > Employees and clicked Edit next to the Employee Record, but the Subsidiary field showed as fixed; the usual drop-down box was missing.

    This happens when an Employee record has dependent records. To resolve this, either delete the dependent records or close any pending actions for the employee.


    To confirm if there are dependent records linked to the Employee, a transaction saved search can be performed.

    1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New
    2. Click Transaction
    3. Search Title: Enter title
    4. Click Criteria
    5. Filters :
      • Select Employee
      • Employee Filters : Select any of
      • Employee List : Highlight Employee Name/s
      • Click Set
    6. Click Save & Run
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  • Beginner Asked on October 30, 2020 in Accounting.

    Could you add a custom column field on the Sales order called ship date? And fill that date in as {today} when the item is fulfilled? Then there would be ship dates on each line item on the Sales Order.

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  • You can add a custom column field and it will appear on the time sublist lines, but I don’t think you can add it to the right of total. The custom field would appear to the left of the daily time entries and can be moved anywhere to the left of daily time entries.

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