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    I’d suggest examining (like in debugger, console, or logs) the record’s sublists prior to saving to see if there are missing values.  Or look in the UI when you copy a record, and take note of any sublist values that are not transferred from the old to the new record.  Reference Suite Answer Id:  86025.

    Thank you.

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  • Rookie Asked on December 16, 2020 in SuiteScript.


    As battk mentioned you can’t use Client Scripts to account for when making multiple payments using the menu “Transactions>>Payables>>Pay Bills” page.  You’d have to do some testing but my thoughts for a workaround are:

      1. You could create a scheduled script that runs every __ that checks Bill Payments and updates a field based on the associated Bill.
      1. You could create a script to trigger upon record save (like afterSubmit or beforeSubmit which both run on the server side).  So the logic could be: when saving a Bill Payment check to see if __ field has a value, if not go get and set it.  This would only work if the navigation through the UI triggers a “save” like it would if a use actually saved a record…


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  • Rookie Asked on December 15, 2020 in Manufacturing.


    I do not know how you’d define “too many deliveries on one option” but I hope this information helps.

    You can use SuiteScript 2.0 to dynamically create and display a field on a NetSuite form/record.  Ex if on the Project record you wanted a Multi-select field that shows 1-5 options based on availability.  You create a script with the following logic.  Please note this content would need to be added to a beforeLoad User Event script.

    var form = scriptContext.form;
    //create field
    var field = form.addField({id : 'custpage_new_field', type : serverWidget.FieldType.MULTISELECT, label : 'New Field' });
    //evaluate each option to see if available.  Can use a for loop
    //if available, add the value as an option to the new field.  Can use the same for loop
    field.addSelectOption({value : '1', text : '1'});

    Reference NetSuite Suite Answer Ids:  43800,  43586, 43669, and 48790.

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