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  • Rookie Asked on October 22, 2020 in Inventory.

    Per the help center, “When the inventory count transaction status is set to Started, a snapshot of the inventory on hand quantity is taken from the system for comparison. If you continue to process inventory changes while the counting activities are occurring, please note these changes. Please include these changes when you enter the Count Quantity into the inventory count transaction.”  By no means do you have to stop working, but the quantity you put in will be reflected from the beginning. So, you actually have 5 in the morning, and sell 1, count 4 in the afternoon, submit your count (4), it’ll reflect 3 the next day.

    We prefer doing inventory worksheets, they give you the flexibility to pick end of or start of day and backdate the transaction so you don’t have to rush to do the count and the work in netsuite. In the example above, if we had 5 on Monday morning, told someone to count, sold 1, and they got to counting towards the end of the day and got 4, we could go in on Friday and say “at end of day monday we had 4” and any that were sold or received would be calculated into that. So if we sold 3 on wednesday, we’d still get an accurate count of 1 after we load the worksheet even though the worksheet says 4.

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  • Rookie Asked on October 1, 2020 in Partners.

    We use the following snippet to indicate a note on the PDF.

    <#if record.custbody_specialitem == true><b>This is a special item.</b> Expect a phone call to coordinate further information</#if>

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