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Hi All,


We’ve just implemented NetSuite and I’m getting stumped trying to customize a report. I would have thought there would be some fundamental reports but seems like I was mistaken.

The report I’m trying to build is a YTD Net Trial balance, that is:

Beginning balance (January 2023)

Debits (Jan 2023 to current period)

Credits ((Jan 2023 to current period)

Ending balance


I was able to do the above for just 1 period and seems frustratingly impossible to do it from the start of the year. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

NetSuite101 Rookie Asked on May 18, 2023 in Reports.
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The column labels are going to come out a bit non-intuitive, but I think this should work. Although definitely double-check/reconcile for yourself before taking credit for this:

Beginning balance (January 2023) — Column/Field = Amount (Debit/Credit), Cumulative Value = checked, Alternative Period Range Type = Relative to report date, Alternative Period Range = This Fiscal Year

Debits/Credits (January 2023 to current Period) — Column/Field = Amount (Debit/Credit), Cumulative Value = unchecked, Alternative Period Range Type = Relative to report date, Alternative Period Range = This Fiscal Year to Period

IMPORTANT: Alter the Period Filter to say “Before Start of” and select the Period AFTER the period you want to evaluate for.

e.g. Let’s say I want to have Debits/Credits for beginning balance for Jan 2023 and Debits/Credits for Jan 2023 – Mar 2023.  I’m going to run the custom trial balance with the columns and filters selected above, selecting Apr 2023 as the period in the footer of my report.  The columns are going to say “Dec 2023” and “Jan – Apr 2023”, but since you selected the “Before Start Of” in the period filter, what that’s actually displaying is “Jan beginning bal” and “Jan-Mar 2023”, respectively.

Especially since you want the beginning balance in the first column, I think this is going to be just about the only way to do what you’re asking without going down a significant rabbit hole of saved search/suiteanalytics workbook formulas to essentially rebuild the trial balance in those formats (which let me tell from experience, is likely not a route you want to go, and even then will still have issues with retained earnings).

If you feel like this answer helped, please mark it as accepted for those sweet sweet internet points. Best of luck on your NetSuite journey! 🙂

Intermediate Answered on June 20, 2023.
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