RE: Your opinion on using Netsuite for New Product Management

We use Netsuite for almost everything, and would like to stick with it to do new product launches. I have been messing around with the Project Management, but was hoping someone with more experience with the module let me know if it will fit our need:

We have a 7 month to market road map, from design, to tooling, to deployment, to the sale of the product and would like to have that roadmap in Netsuite. We also like the Workflow idea of having approvals and checks for each stage in a visible and auditable format.

Is this something that Netsuite, in your experience, can handle well? I know it requires the Project Module add on.

I’ve played around with tools like JIRA and Confluence, but as I mentioned would like to keep everything centralized if possible on one tool that the whole company uses and is relatively familiar with.

HarambeForkBomb Rookie Asked on November 27, 2019 in Best Practices.
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NetSuite’s Project Management module is well-suited for managing your 7-month product launch roadmap, offering timeline creation, milestone tracking, workflow approvals, visibility, and auditability. Since your organization already uses NetSuite for other functions, it’s a practical choice for centralizing project management and enhancing cross-functional collaboration. Customization may be required, but it simplifies your IT infrastructure and streamlines the entire product launch process.

Rookie Answered on October 16, 2023.
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