RE: Why is this Workflow getting stuck?

Hey, I’m a relatively new NetSuite Administrator and have been more or less learning as I go. I’ve been trying to build a fairly basic email campaign workflow (New record -> send email -> wait a few days -> send another email -> wait a few days -> send another email etc) and am getting hung up. I’ve been banging my head against the wall for too long on this so I figured I would reach out for some help. Included below is a picture of the start of my workflow that I basically want to repeat.


Why is this Workflow getting stuck?


Note that right now I’m focused on making the first few states work. This is an entry based WF, it triggers when someone fills out a landing page on our website. This creates a record in NetSuite for them, and triggers this workflow. The trigger is working properly (I have the first state send me an email when a record enters). Where I’m running into an issue is with the delay. If I take the delay out completely on the transitions, the record moves straight through the workflow as intended. However, if I put a delay on the transition from the “Delay: 3 Days” state to the “Lead Nurturing Email #2” state, the record gets stuck in the “Delay: 3 Days” state even after the delay has passed. I’m not sure why.


It’s worth noting that all the transitions are on entry as well, as when I was doing scheduled it wouldn’t work even without a delay. If there’s any info I haven’t provided that would be useful, please let me know. If anyone could help point me in the right direction here that would be greatly appreciated.

For anyone still reading this, changing it to “Transition On” scheduled didn’t solve the problem. For reference, the transition that is giving me a hard time is below:


Why is this Workflow getting stuck?

STC Rookie Asked on September 27, 2019 in Administration.
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I would think you are probably trying to do too much in a single workflow.

You might be better off doing this with separate scheduled workflows with more complex saved search requirements and setting field values so that they get picked up by the next scheduled workflow.

Maybe something along the lines of a “next send date” field.

The amount of work this would entail is significant but it’d definitely get you past your issue.

Advanced Answered on September 27, 2019.

I’m not sure I understand, could you elaborate?

Do you mean that I should break it up into smaller sections and have the first section trigger the second section, which would be in a different workflow?

The reason I’m most confused is because as I said above, when I remove the delay everything runs smoothly (albeit all at once – not what I want). It’s only when I throw in a delay that things get stuck. I could look into doing it via saved search, although if it’s based on “Entry”, would that mean that the workflow would trigger when a record comes in that meets that criteria? And even then, I still need a delay which I’m still convinced is where this is getting hung up. 

Thanks for your reply either way, this has been driving me crazy this week and I appreciate the help.

Editing to say that we have other workflows that are more complicated than this one (that were built by people who no longer work at my company) and they run just fine. I’m not convinced that this WF is too complex.

on September 27, 2019.
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