RE: why i am not able to see the a pending approval invoice list in approve invoice screen?

unable to see pending approval invoice list in approval invoice screen only.



transaction–>sales—>approve on approve invoice

venu Rookie Asked on September 26, 2019 in Administration.
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Do you have invoices that are pending approval?  Did you setup the Approval Routing feature? Are you using an approval workflow? I recommend starting with “Custom Workflow Based Invoice Approval” SA Answer Id: 9191 and “Using the Approval Routing Feature” SA Answer Id: 11109 for some initial reading.  Sorry it’s not a better answer, but there’s a lot of details missing from your question that makes it hard to answer definitively. If you poke around a bit SuiteAnswers should be able to guide you through the basic setup regardless of what approval path you’re looking to follow.  Hope that helps!

Intermediate Answered on October 2, 2019.
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