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This site seems like it has potential to be helpful to a lot of Netsuite users in a lot of ways. It’s design reminds me a lot of StackOverflow. I was about to share a link to the site with a some of people I work with whom are the biggest “power users” of Netsuite in our organization, but then I realized that it could be useful to pretty much every Netsuite user in our company.

That lead me to the question: what is the target demographic for this site? Are you targeting actual Netsuite professionals that need deeper knowledge, or are you also hoping to help the new hire that’s in their first week of using it?

aaron_tekton Rookie Asked on September 10, 2019 in Random.
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When Kyle created the Slack Group, goal behind it was to create a dynamic place where Netsuite users, developers, admin and consultants can share their knowledge and help the community. I was one of the early member of the group probably joined within the hours of creation. Our Slack channel has grown leaps and bound, users from every corner of the globe. Since free Slack group has limited resources and features, we do not have access to all the knowledge transfers, threads, user interactions and solutions we had on the group over the last 3 years. Which was a big sticking point for all of us. Last year we looked in to Mattermost  to archive all of our conversation,  Alien Torres  and I started a GoFundMe project but discontinued because there was no traction. Again Kyle came to rescue – few months ago he hatched this website’s idea and collaborated with few of the power users from Slack Group to make this site happen.

We want to grow this site organically and add more features down the road like training articles, certification course etc. Hopefully users will be helping other users for years to come – pay it forward (if you gain knowledge here, please share).

Advanced Answered on September 10, 2019.
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