RE: What is the limit of line items on a Purchase Order?

I have a project that is going to require very large quantities of individual items on purchase orders.  Does anyone know the limit of items a single PO can contain?

KAJ710 Intermediate Asked on October 31, 2019 in Purchasing.
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This SuiteAnswers topic describes the limits:

“The limit for transactions submitted through the user interface is 500 lines. For transactions submitted through CSV import or SOAP web services, the limit is 5,000 lines per transaction. Once you submit transactions exceeding the 500 lines limit through the CSV import or SOAP web services, you must do all additional changes and edits through the CSV import or SOAP web services. For journal entries, these limits are 1,000 lines for the user interface and for synchronous SOAP web services, and 10,000 lines for CSV import and asynchronous SOAP web services.”

I believe that the limits for client scripts are the same as for the UI, and for server scripts the limits are similar for CSV and SOAP. But I do not confirm this information, because depends on the environment and the scripts implemented in the transaction you want to work on;  It is always important to know which scripts are implemented and what they do.

Rookie Answered on April 28, 2020.
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