RE: What is the limit of line items on a Purchase Order?

I have a project that is going to require very large quantities of individual items on purchase orders.  Does anyone know the limit of items a single PO can contain?

KAJ710 Intermediate Asked on October 31, 2019 in Purchasing.
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Transaction Line Items Maximum Recommended Limits

Published 04/29/2016 10:01 AM   |    Updated 08/05/2019 04:47 PM   |    Answer Id: 50520

Applies To Product:  NetSuite 2019.1


    • Transactions submitted through the user interface: 500 lines per transaction
    • Transactions submitted through the script: 500 lines per transaction
    • Transactions submitted CSV import or web services: 1000 lines per transaction
    • Journal Entries submitted through the user interface or web services: 1000 lines
    • Journal Entries submitted through CSV Import: 10,000 lines

These recommended limits assume that there is very limited to no line validation scripting on the records.  In most cases, transactions with less lines will result in performance issues when scripting is used in line validations.

You may refer to Entering Transaction Line Items for more information.


That said – I would *STRONGLY* advise limiting yourself to 200 lines or less on a purchase order unless they will also be received via webservices. The user experience would be abysmal. I run out of patience waiting for things to load when there are more than 100-150 lines.


Advanced Answered on October 31, 2019.
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