RE: What do you use for : Netsuite CRM | Customer Center (out of the box) | MyAccount – & Mobile Overlay

I see a lot of interest in the Customer Center option for Netsuite and I too am a fan as the administrator, however, for obvious reasons, it isn’t something readily usable by our customers.

As we are not an eCommerce company but use Netsuite for our accounting and administration, we are looking to use it as a CRM as well.

We have been exploring the MyAccount option, but it is exceedingly expensive (as we have many subsidiaries) and doesn’t seem all that customizable either and has a significant bias towards eCommerce.

What are y’all’s thoughts on both options and what kind of options are y’all exploring for mobile overlays?

Sonny_Kohler Rookie Asked on February 16, 2023 in Recommendation.
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This is what the out of the box Customer Center looks like.

RE: What do you use for : Netsuite CRM | Customer Center (out of the box) | MyAccount - & Mobile Overlay

As you can see, it has limited options and the UI is not that appealing.

I’ve had clients who are not an ecommerce company but they leverage Customer Center to easily interact with customers. They have advanced requirements, like ability to upload orders, view a graph of their orders, add membership data, etc. Thus they went with the customization route.

My advice:

  1. Have a list of what your customers are wanting to see and do to the portal.
  2. Research and test yourself if the listed functionalities are available.
  3. Gauge which ones you’d like to be able to support and which ones are you willing to invest in having developed from scratch.
  4. (Optional) Have a UI designer prepare of mock up of what your Customer Center would look like.
Beginner Answered on February 21, 2023.
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