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Hello Everyone! We are trying to create a restriction for one specific Vendor. We want only a couple of people with the permission to receive items against a specific Vendors purchase orders¬† I don’t see any permission settings in the Vendor page in Netsuite, so I am wondering how we can achieve this? Workflow approval for Item Receipt on this specific vendor? Create custom roles for those who can view / access this vendor (is that even possible?)

SimpleThings Rookie Asked on March 21, 2022 in Receiving.
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I’d just stick a workflow on POs that throws a user error on before submit (with appropriate message as to why) with a condition of vendor = xxxxx and user is none of (list of people who can approve).¬† You could get more fancy, like make a separate role for them and then use the specific role (rather than hard coding the users) in the condition, or whatever else, but just the workflow with the one action should do the trick for what is described here.

Intermediate Answered on March 22, 2022.
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